Hey there,

I don't know if you were intending for the intro to be funny, because it had me laughing for a good 20 seconds =p. The lyrics seemed a bit generic for me, is this a parody? The A,B,C part had me laughing too. Seriously man, this is really funny "B*tch suck my d*ck..." Well I don't know what you were aiming for exactly, but I see this as a parody, and a really funny one at that. Good job, hopefully I understood it as you intended.

Crit 4 Crit?

My song is here

The genre may not suit you, but I'd still like to read your thoughts nonetheless


Edit: fifth time listening to your song, this is awesome.
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Hey man-

I listened to all of your tracks. I thought hot **** had more going on as far as the beat went, but to be honest i Liked wake up the dead better. It had a quicker tempo and better flow in my opinion. I liked the beat better too, even though it was more simple and repetitive, it was a strong melody.

stlkr sounds more old school, there's some good rhymes in there and it focuses more on the vocals than the beat which is cool. It sounds like you guys had fun recording it, lol. Especially toward the end when you start to lose it. I'm guessing you were a bit too blazed LOL.

This isn't bad at all man, it's probably the first rap I've listened to that was posted here. Keep it up, I think there is good potential there!

c4c if ya can-
haha some of the lyrics were pretty funny

i like the sound of the bassy synth in there, but i think there needs to be something filling the sound out more it feels a little bit empty

just throw some more instruments in

otherwise its pretty good, just needs to be worked on a little
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The beats were kinda sick in there own way, you need to tweak your flow a bit, sounds a bit off, check out some atmosphere if you haven't heard of them already, seems like it could be something in your style, how did you make the beat with a DS? If you want to do some hip-hop collaborations, PM me or something, i have a ton of rap/funk backing tracks i've composed
heheh, i wasnt expecting rap :P good stuff. I do apologise if my crit is a bit unhelpful as i listen to hardly any rap, but i love the synths on Wake up the Dead. The lyrics seemed to flow nicely nd all!

I think everyone else has summed it up here, its a good effort if you've only just started out! And maybe throw in a couple more instruments in the mix

look forward to more of your stuff!
"You look like kate winslet" was pretty cool, that beat is stylin. I like the synth sound, doesnt get old.
Check my stuff out, I make beats when I'm bored, and my friends seem to like them, so I want to reach more people.