i've come to terms with the fact im not going to be able to get a peavey 6505, but im still concidering bugera's since they are made with basically the same specs

im thinking of the 6262 since its based on the 6505+ and thats what i would get if i had the money, but i do not know if it can get the heavy tone i need...

the tones im lookin for are the guitars from annotations of an autopsy's cd before the throne of infection (i love that guitar tone) if you dont know about them check out the song years of disgust, and the childsnatcher.......i know for a fact annotations uses a 6505+.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha36KTJgv_o ------years of disgust

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0mzpzf761Y -----the childsnatcher

i give you these links cuz years of disgust is the heavy tone i need, and the childsnatcher is as clean and light tone i would ever use or need

Please dont say 5150 here because i dont feel comfortable buying an amp on ebay that is a decade old.
Don't rush to the extremely low priced Bugera just yet. Check out some pawn shops. Try out a bunch of different stuff.
Wait for the Peavey 6505+ Combo to come out
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There are some dodgy deals on ebay, but then again some brilliant ones!

My marshall is 20 years old and works spot on!

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I would say an Ampeg VH-140C, awesome amp for an awesome price, but you don't want an old amp so I don't know what to say. Other than Bugera your not gonna get that tone for cheap unless you go used.

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well, im kinda on the fence with the 5150, but i know the 6505 would be perfect 4 me... will the 6505 go down in price this year? cuz id get it if it was $750-$850. i guess i could keep checking ebay till i see a 6505, but im not getting a 5150, its risks outway its benifits...i probly could get a 6505 new but i wouldnt have a cab for a while.

whats the difference between the 6505 and the 6505+ ?

if i got the 6505 would i need pedals to get the tones i previously said i needed????
Honestly, I played a 6505+ (and a JSX, for that matter) and neither sounded as good as the 6262 or my 333XL. To me, at least. the 6505+ is a staple of hardcore and such as far as I'm concerned, though, so if that's what you're going for, it's a great amp.
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The + has one extra preamp tube. The new 6505+ 112 combo is coming out this Spring for under $600 I think if you can wait. As mentioned. Check craigslist too.

+1, the + also has a bit less gain, doesn't sound as "raw" and has better cleans, but not by much.
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