I am a good guitarist, i can play pretty much anything, from bush to winds of plague. My problem is that i can't write my own songs for some reason. I try to put together a simple chord progression and all i hear is a bunch of chords thrown together, it doesn't sound like a song at all. Its like my ear is retarded when writing my own but fine when listening to other peoples music.

Does anyone know why this is?
all musicians start out like that. Kurt Cobain Hated his own songs.

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But in not starting out, I've been playing for over 3 years, I know alot of theory and i am working on my ear. Its like im unable to make my own music...
It might be that you automatically think that because you wrote it, it's not that good. There's a saying; "You are your own worst critic", which is possibly true in your case.

Or it might be that it really isn't that good...

If it's the second one, you could try expanding on what you've got. Put some melody over the top, or if you're just wanting the chords, try arpeggios and other forms of broken chord. Most people usually have to spend a bit of time writing songs before they're happy with something they've done.

Good luck!
The trick is to keep writing songs. Everyone starts out with simple stuff and then build ups by learning what works and what doesn't. Maybe you could try writing some songs in the style of your favourite bands? That way you know what structure to follow and what kind of chords and progressions are used.