I own a peavey solo and When I woke up this morning, I wanted to play guitar. So I plugged into the amp and the sound from the guitar/effects was just really quiet. so I thought" i'll just turn up the volume" so I did that and it was still quiet. I had the amp on like, max volume but you could still barley hear the guitar.I tried it with a differnt amplifier and it worked fine.
The indicator light will come on ,by the way.

What I've tried so far

#1.Tried turning the amp on and off
#2.Unplugged then re-plugged it back in
#3.Tried different cords.(all the cords work)
#4.volume on the guitar was maxed as well.
#5. listen to you guys

help me UG!

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After all that you've tried, I think it's time for it to go to the Guitar Hospital where ever that may be where you live I don't know. But they can at least tell you whats wrong with it to give you a price range. Just try messing with ALL of the knobs. Maybe the distortion channel or what ever is messed up and needs to be replaced and this is making the amp itself mess up. Also, have you maxed it out recently? If you have then that is a good indicator that somethings up.
is it a tube amp if so the tube could be shot also check the back of the amp the wires the hook to the speaker might be loose.