Hello dear UG!

Waste has done it...AGAIN! -UPDT-

We have just recently recorded one new song with our new guitarrist,
again it was recorded completely by ourselves with a toneport and a zoom
h2. The song is called Spiral!
What do you think?


// Los Wasteboys
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I'm so relieved you're not another Swedish metal band I really liked the stuff guys, good on ya. The vocals need more oomph though, project more in future. Solos need work...

I liked Alien Nation, though it's a bit repetitive.

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Haha! Yeah we're full of them aren't we?
Thanks man! I do sincerely agree with the vocals, as a matter of fact I'm planning to get some vocal lessons!
And yeah about the solos, we are searching for a new guitarist who can play crazy ass solos!
So it's in the works!
I'm glad you liked Alien Nation, every single person I've played the songs for basically
only likes E.M.OD, refreshing!

what is c4c?

thanks for taking time!
Thanks for the add, I imagine you figured out what c4c means, your the second person to ask me that, the best way to figure it out is to say it out loud