I'm looking for an acoustic guitar but I'm not sure which model to buy..
My budget goes to a max of €500.
Most of the time, I'll be doing fingerstyle pieces (ex. Dust in the Wind, Classical Gas, Tommy Emmanuel, Antoine Dufour, Andy Mckee, Michael Hedges,...) but it should be able to get a nice strumming sound to sing along with as well.
I was thinking about getting a folk or orchestra model but I've heard they're not that great for strumming.. could a dreadnought or jumbo be as articulate for fingerstyle as well AND be better for strumming?

Thanks !
I got an Alvarez guitar 2 Christmas' ago from my parents, and it has served me a world of good.
Alvarez Regent Series RD8C Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway (Natural) thats the model, you can go on Musicians Friend and take a look at it.
My friend also got a 400 dollar Dreadnought cutaway fender as well and it is really nice, I dont know what the Model's name is though
I've got a Breedlove Atlas AD20/SM. I use it for strumming and fingerstyle, like you said. If you can find a model (Its out of date), then you could definately get it within your budget. Its one of the best guitars I've played that was under $1000.
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Ive got a Steel string Esteban Acoustic/Electric cutaway that plays really well. It only cost $160.

Here it is:


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