I am getting my friend a LTD AX-104 bass for his birthday.

What is the best birthday present you ever got, or have given?
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My wife got me a Les Paul Studio for my birthday...

That was pretty effen cool of her.

And I got my buddy a nice Fender Bass amp
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me and a mate of mine recorded a song about this fellow who was celebrating and we also made a vid... i think that's pretty much teh best gift i've ever seen. seriously.

edit 1:35 is epic (that's the drummer)
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One time i gave my friend a batman card with 20 dollars in it. Needless to say he loved it.
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I have to go back to when I was like 10 and got the Nintendo (the first one, which had just come out) with Super Punch Out, Duck Hunt, SMBros, Track and Field, and Blades of Steel.

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My first guitar. Needless to say it was awesome.
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