So I've had my Peavey bandit 112 for several years now, and it's never failed me, until recently. Occasionally when im playing, the volume drops drastically on its own. After a few minutes or so, the volume jumps back up to the original volume. Thankfully, this has never happened during a show, but I would like to fix the problem before it does. Would I need a new amplifier, or could it be as simple as a faulty cable? I dont know.
Could be faulty cable or component. If you play it loud, it is possible it shook a solder joint lose.
Could be heat related. I had a Bandit ages ago that would overheat and lose power. After cooling off, it would be great for another hour or so. I cleaned all the vents with a vacuum (compressed air wasn't readily available) and kept a fan on it from behind. Worked great for a long time after that until some dude spilled a beer into it while it was on. That toasted it for good.