I'm starting to completely upgrade my rig (I use that term loosely.) I figured I'd start with cables, as mine don't work. I've been using a small 18 in. cable to use Toneport GX.

I'm not an expert on cords, basically I need a cable to connect my guitar to the pedals, and from the last pedal to the amp. I use Dimarzios to connect the pedals (unless somebody can suggest better?) The lengths of the cables don't matter too much as it's simple home playing while standing, I just need a little bit of room to move around.

I've heard that some cables affect tone, so if needed, I play stuff along the lines of Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Every Time I Die, but venture off into styles such as AC/DC and Boston.

As for my budget..just be reasonable

Any further questions, ask, and thanks for any help in advance.
I suggest Dimarzio cables. Their braided cables are great quality and aren't over priced. I've been using my first Dimarzio cable for the past three years and I haven't had a problem with it yet. You can buy them in both straight and right angle formats depending on what you need.
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Planet waves is great.... also comes with a lifetime warrenty in case it ever breaks which I doubt mine will in the next few years at least
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George L's cables. Don't waste your money.
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