My problem is that when I'm playing gigs or rehearsing with my band and when its time to play a solo or something that is supposed to be in the "center of the music" it always gets swallowed up by the noise made by the other instruments. What am I supposed to do? Should everyone control their volume on their instruments and turn it up when it's their moment to shine or do you need a professional sound technician that does that on the mixer board or something like that?

(I play metal in a band with two guitarists and one bass player. )

I'm thankful for any helpful responses!
boost? add mids---I'm serious. 0 mids=**** tone.
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Insert an eq into your signal path with a large mid and high hump.

Turn it on when the solo comes.
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I concur with sesstreets. An eq set precisely that way will definitely do it. And, Yeah playing with two other guitarist, you'll need somehting.
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Boost mids, volume, etc... look into an overdrive pedal and/or equalizer pedal.
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Mid boost, as others are saying. An EQ or a tube screamer with just the volume and tone up, gain almost off.
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A compression pedal will help you step out in the mix when you need to. a Dyna Comp is only like 70 bucks.
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MXR Mirco Amp should do the job.

It basically a volume boost to cut through the mix and a little bit of a od if its a tube amp
make sure the frequencies arent overlapping. make sure your other bandmates' tones arent all similar. if you all play 6505s with EMG81/85 equipped ESPs, it doesn't matter what you use, it's gonna get mixed up.

use different EQ settings on your amp, use different amps. try not to use the same equipment. and try to stay away from EMGs. anything with EMGs in it sounds similar. a shoebox ukulele with EMGs will sound like an LTD with EMGs.
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As mentioned above, try boosting your mids with an EQ pedal or something of the likes to cut through more. It helps A TON. And you can also have everyone else in the band play a little quieter if possible.

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Overdrive pedal, clean boost, or EQ pedal. Your choice.

Yeah, clean boosts work well also. I recommend looking into the RC Booster, it's a GREAT little clean booster. I personally like to use an overdrive AND an EQ...that makes me cut through enough, but it's all a matter of personal opinion.
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