Check out my new cover of Incubus's "Drive" on my profile. I just relearned this song yesterday after having forgotten it from the first time that I learned it a couple years ago. Please give me some feedback, and be sure to post a link for a C4C.

Pretty Good man.
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Damn. Thats pretty good. Nice job.

Your vocals aren't very Incubus, but they are great and they are you. I noticed a Matt Bellemy influence in them.
pretty good. i liked it.
solid guitar work, vocals werent bad either.

oh yeah, your I Will Follow You Into The Dark is ace. i listened to it before and i got to say that your voice fits this song pretty damn good.
in both songs there are some timing issues, but im pretty sure youll get better with time.
you have a respectable vocal range!

oh and id like to know what youre recording with!
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awesome vocals man. There's not much to crit. The guitar is spot on as well. You definitely did the song justice. I think I might even like your version better and I love the original. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the crit on my nirvana cover. I appreciate it.
Thanks everybody!

To deiphobos, I use garageband and a mic with a usb adapter to record everything. What you are saying about the timing is probably due to the fact that I have to record every track individually (as in vocals and guitar are recorded seperately) so there are some differences that end up popping up (I think that's what you mean?). If not then what timing issues are you talking about? As I would like to fix them as soon as possible.

Thanks again everyone! Feel free to leave a link for C4C if you've got one.