I've got this nice little punky lookin' Liverpool-ish FirstAct guitar.... It looks and feels great. The pickups don't work, the knobs are ridiculously large, and the string-thru-body bridge with the little P-bass-type saddles is a pain in the ass... How would I and what would I use to replace the pickups, electronics, and bridge, to make this into a punkier little thing? The neck's actually decent, the body looks great, and actually is pretty cool tonally... I want two nice, hot humbuckers, with distinct and punky sounds, a bridge that's a little more solid, and some nice new volume and tone knobs & pots and a pickup switch, in basic steel, and also I'd like to mod the thing with a pre-amp (if I can).... Who can help me? I'll take suggestions on how and what to use. I'll try and find the model no. and get some pics of it up within the week. Any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome, just no flaming on my threads please. Thanks,

Dylan O'Tracy
First off, what kind of punk are we talkin here?
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The Ramones are the best example, but Green Day too. I also do extensive grunge writing and covers, so if this guitar can supply for that I'd be more than happy.