hey everyone, im looking to subscribe to a new magazine and i want to subscribe to a guitar-related one. which ones are your favorite and do you reccomend? i dont want anything like guitar catalogs with only guitar sales. i want like stories and such. kind of like the Sports Illustrated of the Guitar world i guess you could say.

thanks alot,

P.S. i like newer rock better than the older rock. dont know if that helps with anything. Thanks Again!
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rolling stone is the best because they had the 100 best guitarist list did you see it it was amazing
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rolling stone is the best because they had the 100 best guitarist list did you see it it was amazing

For a quick second, I didn't realize you were being sarcastic
Guitar World is my favourite, because it features a bit of everything: interviews, news, music reviews, gear tests, lessons, and 4-6 songs transcibed per issue. Plus, it's well written, in my opinion.

Guitar Player is much more serious. The music is more diverse, as they cover jazz, country and world music, which more mainstream publications don't shed much light upon. The problem is, there's nowhere near as much on teaching you to play, and the gear reviews are of stuff no-one can afford. Plus, they get all technical and teach you about what makes amps sound the way they do. That might be useful, but it's also hard to understand.

Half the players you'll see in Guitar Player will be people you've never heard of. That might be good if you're looking for new music, or it might just be stuff you don't care about.

I say buy an issue of each and see which you like more. There's a biiiig difference.
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Total guitar FTW!!!!!!!
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Total guitar FTW!!!!!!!

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Aren't those only in the UK?

Total Guitar is aimed at beginners. The reviews suck, but they transcribe a lot of songs.
Guitarist is, like, 80% gear, 2 interviews, 5 short lessons.
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They probably saw the newest issue which was only aimed at beginners because it ws the January issue.

I have six issues of it. They had one with Paul Gilbert, which was pretty good. It's not as content-packed as other mags, though. It's really quite thin.
Plus, it's the way it's written that seems to over-simplify everything. Perhaps saying it's aimed at beginners was wrong, but I guess it's good for beginners.

They transcribe a lot of songs, which is good. But their reviews are rubbish. "It's solid state and it's got tons of gain, what more can you need?!"
i agree that total guitar is aimed more at beginners and that paul gilbert was really actually very good in his lessons.
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