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lol no
Soon you will sit on the bench
of those who deny I have my soul
You sell a dream you create
Condemned by what you condemned before
Smooth are the words you sing down and high
Underground is your joy your laws
on the topic of nipples, is it really a problem?
I'm too busy lol'ing at the fact you appear to be the only one with your shirt off hence the weird looks you're getting from the people behind.
I'm in your forum distracting your searches.
I now dub this a photoshop-the-TS-thread.

Aaaand.... GO!
And what is more, there's been a bloody purple nose and some bloody purple clothes that were messing up the lobby floor. It's just apartment house rules so all you 'partment fools remember : one man's ceiling is another man's floor.
Good God!!!

Kill the freak with fire!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

No, I guess I haven't.
There may be times when it is impossible to prevent injustice, but there should never be a time when we fail to protest it.

Take a trip down the Scenic River

Call me Charlie.
Wow, they are some small nipples you got there sunshine, but hey, it's not that big of a problem.

EDIT: You also kinda have a big head.
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you know what they say, small nipples, small....

...tubes of nipple moisturizer?

Call me Patrick! My username sucks anyway
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I can't see your tiny nipples with my tiny eyes.

I actually thought of this...awesome
"We were one among the fence"
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You have no idea how many mornings my dad has woken up to me in my underroos rocking out in the morning...on a mission...A MISSION TO ROOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!!
I tryed

If life gives you oranges, say "f*ck oranges" and bail.

Hey You!
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Why are those girls checking out your arse?

The girl in the right is like 'hum, not bad'
No muerde, no calla
Sin sangre no hay arte
Nada ni nadie
De nada más

do you even have nipples?

Looks like all the ladies are checking out your ass

or the guy behind him's penis
Yeah, I would say so.
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Americans. And I'm American. But Americans in general piss me off.

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But they all fall under the catagory i like to call sh!tcore.

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Oh and BTW i didn't start it, i was like WTF at first but then everyone else did it, and i didn't wanna be left out,
I'd be more worried about the fact that your belly button is off center. Good god, how can you live with yourself and your multitude of horrific physical disfigurements.
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Wait 5 hours
Be accused by the promoter of being late
Get told we have only a 10 minute set
Play pure noise for 10 minutes

Worst and most amusing gig of my life.

Anyone else had this kind of **** happen?!

Dimebag had a worse gig.
the instant i saw the name of this thread i starter laughing
"Everybody must get stoned!" - Bob Dylan

Quote by Union Jake
Wow, they are some small nipples you got there sunshine, but hey, it's not that big of a problem.

EDIT: You also kinda have a big head.

which head you talkin' about circle jerk?
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well done mr. kiss my bass, well done
Yes. But small nipples > Huge nipples. So you're fine.

Problem solved.
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I also have such small nipples lmao! And I was always thinking I was the only person on earth with this condition... I'm afraid you'll die in 2 months.

/I really have such small nipples too though
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Penises look much better than vaginas in my opinion. A vagina looks like an axe wound.
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