This is a fingerpicked song I wrote. It's pretty short but I'm gonna add some piano parts to break it up. Any crit is welcome. Cheers.


Oh where have you been?
The day is almost done
You come crawling home at 9pm
‘Bout the time of the setting sun

Our summer lust is dead
Washed into the street
Now I’m left feeling just a little worn down
With this idea that I’m incomplete

Now the rain is due
It turns the dirt to mud
So I bust out my best winter coat
To protect myself from the flood

Oh where have you gone?
The autumn’s almost here
You’re an enigma and I hope you know
Like the leaves you fall and disappear
Like the leaves you fall and disappear.
Quite good really, I love the bit where it goes
Like the leaves you fall and dissapear
I like the way you refer to the weather and manage to join it to a person, If you know what I mean
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