So my amp head was making tapping noises. I contacted the Guitar Center store I bought it from and they said they would send me a packing slip so I could send it back and they would send me a new one. I guess I didn't really understand what that meant because yesterday a UPS truck rolled up to pick it up! I assumed they would mail me a packing slip and then I would ship it. I guess even at my age you learn something new everyday. So since we didn't have it packed up, the UPS driver said he would come back on Monday. I had another guitar at the school where I work and decided to bring it home and test it with the amp to make sure it wasn't my ES-345. This morning I bring out the Dot and played it through the Blackstar. No tapping! So after playing for a few minutes, I decide to try the Gibson. No tapping. So now I don't know what is up. I guess I will try it again tomorrow and see what happens. I hate to send back an amp head that has no problem. Anybody know what could be going on?
I have the same problem... Every now and then my Blackstar makes a tapping noise as well. Although I went through and checked everything and I found out that my tapping sound is coming from my loose input jack on my guitar. When I sit down, or even stand up sometimes, while playing my input jack on my cable will wobble in the input socket on my guitar and cause the popping noise. So I am changing my input socket on the guitar and it should fix it... Maybe you could look into that to help with yours as well...