Ok so it's my first finished song so don't be too hard on me lol

i may have accidently put the drum track on solo
just turn that off

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nice I liked it

the little fills in the I don't know why but they made me think of Protest
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The short melody line after the first pinch harmonic was great!
The solo was very boring however, shredding up and down scales is uncreative.
^it just seems the overall busyness of the song

the drums are pretty cool IMO
Vintage V-100, EMG 81&60
Chapman ML-1

Jet City JCA20H
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thanks for the crit.

man you have some good riffs in there, and the breakdown before the solo was cool...and made quite a good build up to the full solo. The solo itself IMO didn't quite live up to the big build up, but it was still good.

keep it up
The clean interlude is good music, but doesn't fit with the rest of the song. The riffs are pretty good, changes I'd make: In bars 14-17, I'd make the D a 32/16 gallop. Also, I'd make a 8th note count with the high hat in bar 17 before going into the fast riff. The solo honestly needs work. It just comes across as a flurry of notes, and it doesn't really seem to say anything.

Overall a good piece, but the clean bit really belongs in a different song to my ears, and the solo doesn't really work.


This. ****ing. Pwns. 10/10 That was amazing.
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5/10 for me

Likes: The breakdown and ending part

Dislikes: the solo was a bit too "usual" per say meaning that it was a bit overused
also that random 9th fret whammy thing around 30th measure annoyed me
lastly the beginning distorted chords mixed with the clean part was a bit odd in my tastes

but has a lot of potential
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Well, this was pretty good. Some parts the riffs were a little bit generic, but you'll get around that. The breakdown was sick though. very nice. The solo sounded like you were just going up and down scales though, although it did sound pretty good with the rythym underneath it. The ending was pretty good.

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This is pretty good. it needs some fine tuning. the Solo needs to be mixed up a little. Like someone said before, shredding up and down scales isnt exactly creative. And I like the Clean intro But it shouldn't have been repeated in the song again. Just Work on those and you'll have a solid song. 7.5/10. great work and good effort. Crit mine?
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3/10 the random switching between different riffs really killed the flow of the song, and the odd pauses/ringing chords didn't help either. It started out in a good spot and just got worse as it went and the ending doesn't fit. But it has potential....
If you know what your doing, you could pull two songs worth of decent riffs out of that mess. For your first song its not that bad though

just pick a link in my sig (preferable the first or second ones)