I am thinking about purchasing an Ibanez RGR420EX Electric Guitar (Red Arctic Frost) and switching out the humbuckers for a Fred (bridge) and a PAF Joe (neck), but I don't know if I should get the regular or the F-spaced humbuckers as replacements. I know it has to do with pole placing, but I don't know how far appart the strings are spaced on the guitar. It has an Edge III tremolo and IBZ V7 and IBZ V8 humbuckers. Thanks in advance for any input.
usually for floyd or fender trem you'll want F spaced.

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You need F spaced humbuckers if you're going to put one in slanted or if your guitar has a floating, floyd rose-style bridge. Which that does. So yes, you would get F-spaced to replace them. However, the edge 3 is rather low-quality metal-wise and will wear out rather quickly if you use it a lot (and i'm assuming you will since you're getting satriani's pickups).

You'd be better off getting an S series or something in that price range. Those have good trems.