gonna keep this short and simple i need a new guitar one that is high quality and will last me a long i want a versatile one is awell not to heavy i play metal some rock hip hop. post rock , and i like to use chorus when playing clean and a tiny little bit of jazz [ when am really really really really and i mean really bored ] here are some guitars that i though about i just wanna know if there there are any other suggestions
GIbson sg standard [ versatile, not heavy , and looks cool
Jackson Dk2t[good price , not heavy , sounds nice
jackson slsmg [ really light but weak finish]
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As much as I hate to recommend it, an Ibanez RG would be excellent for those styles.
Pacifica 112... Swap out the pickups...

Great guitar for all the styles you listed.

Use the money saved to buy some pedals.
The SG is perfect for everything you said.

Definately go with the SG.
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