Hi everyone, thanks for taking a look at this.

Okay, so I'm running Sony ACID Pro 6 and I heard about the low-latency ASIO4ALL drivers and I want input-monitoring so I installed them.

However, when I edit Audio Devices in ACID and switch the drivers over to ASIO4ALL, the input/recording drivers work but I seem to have no output driver support, and all the available boxes appear to be grayed out. Is there a way for me to run ASIO4ALL drivers while still keeping sound output?

Here's a screenshot of the settings window when ASIO4ALL is being used:

See, all of the output things say not-connected .

Here are my other options:

And see, when I have something else selected, everything is filled out:

So if somebody could help me out with what I need to do to be able to keep using ASIO4ALL for input monitoring but keep my output working I would be extremely grateful

Thanks in advance, guys.
contact the makers of ACID and ask them..you bought their software which entitles you to free support.