I was wondering how many people listen to the Rx Bandits...

Ive been really into them recently and it seems they dont have a huge fan base and Ive wondered why. They are all around great. They have a great vocalists with great lyrics and the guitar work is pretty amazing.

Just curious..
I like them

Edit: have you heard the new stuff their putting together?
it sounds awesome
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yeahhhhhhh i only saw one video ...but it sounds really great....im looking forward to it...hopefully have the new album in my hands by the summer
RX Bandits suck.
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I only have progress
but its pretty darn good
I think i might buy another one, any reccomendations?
...And the Battle Begun is ****ing intense...it's a totally different style than progress. As is The Resignation. Either album would be good. They are both pretty rockin
Mmm, I love RX Bandits. I've never seen them though, I always manage to miss them for one reason or another

My favourite album is probably The Resignation, but ....and the Battle Begun is absolutely epic, I love it. It's best listened to the whole way through whilst lying in bed with your eyes closed!
They are so good, I just saw them live at Highline ballroom in NYC, what a great show.
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