basically you detune the bottom (lowest pitched) string on a guitar/bass, generally by a full tone (2 frets worth) this way you can play power chords using one finger

a metal guitarists dream for fast riffs
its pretty much just tuning the lowest string down 2 steps normally, like what tastes_of_ink said.

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depends on which tuning but usually it is just what these guys are saying
Tune your low e string against the d string, thats the easiest way
or there are some sites with different tunings on to listen to
drop d tuning (low to high) DADGBE
drop c tuning (low to high) CGCFAD

those are the 2 more popular

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Quote by Mullen2105
Dropped tuning is for lazy people basically

Totally not true. There's a lot of other reasons other than one finger power chords. They are Byproduct, not the reason you do it....
Quote by Mullen2105
Dropped tuning is for lazy people basically

Hell no.
there is no humanly possible way to play any of my songs in D standard. I need drop C for a lot of my riffs.

to answer the question tho Drop tuning is originally standard E tuning with a string dropped down. so drop D instead of EADGBE you have DADGBE. so drop C should look like CADGBE but over the years people have dropped Drop D tuning completely. so now CGCFAD is considered Drop C.
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