i have a macbook, and i got a GBA emulator(visualboyadvance)...it works great and all...but i'm just curious if it will slow down my computer or be harmful to it at all??? anybody know? cus it seems too good to be true to have a GBA on my computer for free and not have it cause problems...thanks in advance.
It might make it slow, but wont hurt anything.
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More likely is that your computer will be too speedy for the emulation. Well, you can use that to your advantage, actually. Don't worry, it takes up almost no resources.
visual boy doesnt take up a lot of disk space or virtual memory so it will not slow your comp down.

comps are thousands of times more powerful than GBA's.

you could probably run an xbox emu and that wouldnt slow it too much
I've had Visual Boy Advanced on my PC forever and it hasn't caused any problems.

Granted, the pesky save files that it creates on the desktop every time you open it are annoying, but they're not threatening.
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I have every emu worth having, I'm working off a laptop and my computer is STILL faster than my roommate's.
and they dont install spyware or any malicious software? i kno macs are a little more resistant to those types of things, maybe i'm just paranoid, but i feel like my macbook has been running a little slower and taking a longer time to open up programs and applications...
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