I'm not sure where to post this, so if it's wrong, tell me.

I'm really a pretty bad vocalist, but it's fun for when I need a break from playing bass. The thing is, I've never been able to get myself to yell, or even sing loudly, because I just feel stupid. Is there any way to get past this (without being drunk)?
i thought this was about yelling advice at people from acroos a room, or yelling advice at characters in movies, even tho they cant hear you.
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Sing from your diaphragm rather than your throat.

It's difficult to explain, so google it.

Also, with regard to the confidence thing, just go it.
Sing backing vocals at gigs or something to get yourself used to how your own voice sounds. Then progress onto singing with an acoustic etc.

It's all just practise, confidence just takes time.
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It's not a physical issue; trust me, when I want to yell, I can. I just feel stupid trying to do it.
Try to get over self consciousnous.
I do Drama at school (they made music sound harder than it really is so i didn't do that)
at first i was quiet, too embarrassed to act and skived lessons because i was so self concious, after a year of doing it i can easily act infront of the rest of the class, i still have problems coming with ideas and expressing what i want to sound/look like properly but hell i'm much better than i was before, maybe you should take drama.
if you want to sing, hang out with deaf people.
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I guess you're right, I probably will get over it, although it doesn't help that my little brother is always sitting right outside of my practice room, and he knows how bad of a singer I am...