...a lemur riding a humpbacked whale that learned to walk on land? Thoughts please because someone just asked me and im too lazy to think of what to say first, so i am unwittingly trusting the Pit to answer my confusing question.
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You're too lazy to think of an answer, but you have the motivation to type it up and post in on a forum? hmmm....
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I think "That is not as weird as a humpback whale riding a lemur in the water."
grok it.


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something that kills you when your back is turned

Awww. That thing is cute.
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Awww. That thing is cute.

Not cute when it rips your eyes out.
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doesn't these animals explode when they're angry?

i just pictured that in my head.
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k. ima be honest-i was reading this and my immediate thought was "knickerbockers"

but if i actually did see that..im sure i would something like..."holy ****"

or id just lose all ability of thought process due to my brain exploding (or if it doesnt explode-id just shoot myself in the head to make it explode, because that would officially be the highest point of my life and there would be no more point in living)
It reminds me of my homeland....
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id honestly think tits on a whale
then i'd move on to a WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think of inter-species relationships.

horse + woman

dog + cat

lemur + land whale...

a love so strong it can withstand the ages

I bet they will have beautiful offspring.
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Not cute when it rips your eyes out.

They really do that? Well i still think it's cute.
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They really do that? Well i still think it's cute.

it's only cute if you can still see it. see, there's a one-character difference between these situations:

*lemur rips your buddy's eyes out* Awwwwww!!!
*lemur rips your eyes out* Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
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