So i wrote this piece and I know the theme of it except I just feel like there is not a title that fits it! Does anyone else have trouble doing this? Any tips?

Just in case you are wondering, here is the piece:

Feel I'm finally stepping out 
of the grave yard shift you tend.  
I got my mind to settle down
so I can be repaired again.

Felt this moment slipping fast
as I started to compare.  
To the silhouette that passed; 
to the one who's never there.

(And) I fear that I am wasted lines.
That outlive the one I surrendered. 
Your ghost is gone; I'm wasting time.
I hope it won't last forever.
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That is pretty hard to think of.

"My Regrets" is the best I can think of.
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Final Enchantment?? lol random
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grave yard shift.

that sounds more like the name of a band...
what about

recycled thoughts
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i like really random titles and long ones. so... something like i threw that sheet away ( i dunno something about wasted lines, wasted paper..) yeah crap i know but its your song, you should have something that would go meaningfully witjh it
Several approaches to picking a title:
1) capture the theme
2) capture a powerful image or moment in the song
3) add information to the song that isn't in the lyrics
4) add context to the song
5) name it after a woman

Try out each with your song and keep the one you like best!
when in doubt, name it after the hook/and or the pay off
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grave yard shift.

that sounds more like the name of a band...
what about

recycled thoughts

Already a song by afroman.

Seriously though, wasted lines is good.
Wasted Lines if you wanna go really unique.
I would recommend Wasting Time or Last Forever.
depends on the vocals, and what you're emphasizing.
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Usually, when I write a song, there's a story behind it that I'm not necessarily going into detail about.
Then I name my songs after some obscure detail from the story behind them.

For example, I once wrote a song for a girl I liked, but I never really developed that song too far. Then later, my 'relationship' with this girl changed, so I scrapped the first song and wrote a new song for her. Later, when I was thinking of a name for the song, I called it "Second Song" (I actually had a hard time deciding between that and "Casey's Second Song" but I ended up going with the former because it was a bit more 'mysterious,' I guess you could say)

Anyways, that's how I like to name my songs, hope it helps.
i dont like putting lines from the song in the title...

in this case i would go with... graves, ghosts, memories, lost people...


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or just "Ghost", as the piece seems to be talking about someone who isn't there.

Wasted Lines sound pretty win.
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if you don't have a title then neither does the song. don't title it. let it title itself.
i always just ask random people for a song title, pick out the good ones, and write it
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if you don't have a title then neither does the song. don't title it. let it title itself.


you can't force something that should come naturally. if it doesnt come while you're writing the song, perhaps it shouldnt have a title. perhaps you should wait until you're inspired one day.
and (from what i've discovered in lyric writing) one is always thinking about those lyrics, constantly changing them in some way (emphasis, syllables, tune, words, etc.). so dont get discouraged if something doesnt come to my mind immediately.

bottom line: wait till a title really comes to mind. suggestions may get you thinking, but it's YOUR song w/YOUR music, so its ultimately your title...
I would like to second Grave Yard shift.

But I also agree, that you shouldn't have to ask for a name. It will come on it's own.
I reckon try and think how you feel about the subject of the song and then use that even if it isnt particularly related. Or if can think of a book or film that deals with a similar theme, name it after it.
I'd like "Wasting Lines On Graveyard Shift"
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is it that the voice of the song has split up with their partner and they are thinking how there like a million things they could have done to keep them together? dunno never have been good at finding hidden meanings in songs.
anyway if it is what about forgotten memories
thats when laughter turnes to tears
ive felt this way (over the years)
time fades but i remain (unchanged)

times are changing
tempers are raging
but i remain (unaging)

any help on how to improve this.
I really like song titles that have extremely tenuous links to the subject matter, that said, I'm also a fan of long song titles that mean nothing. For the first kind though, it depends what you're really singing about, only you can think of one there.
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I've actually never gotten the text before the title.

so far I've always had the title clear when I've begum
You like it
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I've actually never gotten the text before the title.

so far I've always had the title clear when I've begum

This is the same with me. I usually think of an idea and then think of an obscure title for the song and then come up with the lyrics. I usually name my songs like old Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy Stuff , really long titles with none or barley any meaning to the song whatsoever.
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When all else fails, just make a really long title thats completely irrelevant.

Haha, seriously. This can be great if done right.
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lost silhouette or something like that
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This probably won't work for you, seeing as yours is already written... But I always name whatever I'm writing first and write around that title.
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