I need a good bass case for under $100 at guitarcenter, preferably that comes with an over the shoulder strap as well as a hard shell, and hopefully locks not zippers. It would be carrying my Ibanez SR706 and its a pain to walk 20 minutes everyday to where I practice holding the bass which is why I need the strap, to save my arm. also would prefer a shell styled body compared to a "form fitting" one, just for added protection. If you know of such a case, please help me by telling me.

-Need durable case for undder $100 at guitarcenter
-Preferably a hardshelled body, will fit SR706 BASS
-Looking for an over the shoulder strap
-Maybe not a zipper, but locks.
(I am very paranoid about my bass falling randomly bcs It will get A LOT of use and want every ounce of protection possible.)

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