im just curious as to what it takes to build an acoustic guitar. how much of it can you do yourself and how much should i expect to spend if i decided to do it
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I'm not an experienced luthier by any means, but I know that acoustics are definitely harder to build than solid bodies, so if this is your first... Maybe try a semi hollow electric? But I've never tried building an acoustic, so I can't really speak to just how difficult
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If you are asking how hard it will be, its probably to hard for you. Sorry.
If you really want to learn a bit, check out stew mac.
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Acoustic guitars are a lot harder to build than electrics. I am starting one tomorrow, I'm building all the jigs today. Everything could be done yourself but I really wouldn't try doing it unless you had good woodworking skills. As far as how much it costs I have spent close to $300 parts and some tools I didn't have and that 's not including wood.
I hope you like sanding and waiting. Those are the two worst parts and the two that fill most of the time. I'd find a couple books on guitar building and do a little research. Good luck. I have build a few if you want to check my profile.