The house shouldn't go;
ask the rodents, they'll know.
Tell them I sent you to call
furry war cries and haul
mussed up barber's hair –

Because I'm strong with mice.

Tell them whatever
and things that you knew
while you were working
the pulp mill, washing
Tell them I said you could
tell them you're cumbered.
For Christ's sake tell them
you've lost your mind,
they will you stand under,

their minds race too.

God, tell those bastards
not to worry or sweat,
they'll find healthy new
living space, with
much lower rent.
Tell them all of these
things and I'd venture a guess –
they'll like you
much better while
you're breaking their necks;

'cause they're mice and we're men,
and we run with rats, since we think
it our best.
Really good, I liked your style and even more, the title, it's plain awesome!

but this line: "with much lower rent", I don't know, sort of broke the flow of the song for me, but that's just me!

Keep them coming!
Beau, oui, comme Bowie