My girlfriend really loves John Mayer, and i promised her that i would learn some, and then i broke my hand. I was wondering what some good songs to play would be. I don't want them to be too hard, and not a whole lot of finger picking, as my hand doesn't work so well right now, pretty much anything else would work though. Thanks a bunch guys.
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comfortable is a great one to learn. and heart of life and stop this train are also fun if you just practice the fingerpicking
if its your girlfriend, learn your body is a wonderland. other ones your grl will like are probably slow dancing in a burning room, no such thing, gravity, love song for no one
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^^ free falling ^^ the only decent version of this song is by Tom Petty

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The two John Mayer songs I play with a pick are My Stupid Mouth and No Such Thing.

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I incorporate 'Dreaming with a Broken Heart' into my sets, it's pretty good if you're playing it for your girlfriend (: