None! there is no band or artist that sounds like Hendrix! lol

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None! there is no band or artist that sounds like Hendrix! lol

He speaks the truth... Check some covers by other bands and that will sound more modern to you.
Pearl Jam, their lead guitarist was heavily influenced by Hendrix and incorporates Hendrix-like licks in his solos. Specifically check out Yellow Ledbetter, it's very similar to Little Wing.
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Theyre not modern but Cream had a very hendrixy vibe I think.

I can't think of a single drummer who sounds like Mitch Mitchell though.
Lenny Kravitz is a ****tier less cool, less handsome, less talented, etc version of Hendrix.
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stevie ray vaughan is the most obvious....
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Although i guess the OP will have to get used to reading them if he's going to buy a bugera..
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along with fire escape routes...

This sounds like something that would go better in Bands and Artists. Check out the Hendrix thread in Blues and Jazz.

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