Ok, I need someone to help me out. I want to start recording!

-Its for a metal band, 2 guitars, 1 bass, 2 vocals, 1 key section, 1 drummer
-I would like a 16 track recorder
-I would like to work with Pro-Tools
-The band wants to record seperatly, not all at once

Can you tell me what i should get? I was looking into getting that factory, not rack.
Get the best M-box audio interface you can afford, it comes packaged with pro tools LE, which you can upgrade when you need more firepower. Then invest in some decent mics Sm57s etc. and make sure you've got a pop shield

i know that doesnt really cover much, go to this site for pretty much anything you ever will need to know

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Pretty much, what is your budget?

Also how do you want to record the drums.

For what you want don't even bother with the mbox stuff, get a digi 002 or 003. From there if you need more inputs then you can buy yourself something like a motu 828mkii or iii and run an adat out into the digi unit. (its the only way it will work unfortunately) or if your a bit strapped for cash... behringer have a unit that is ok for the same purpose. (BTW the motu + digi solution is what i'm doing in the near future as 12 tracks sometimes isn't enough for me simultaneously.. 20 should do the trick.

Now if you do this route you WILL however need a mixer for the preamps.

That being said, if your not running more than say 4 tracks simultaneously EVER... then yeah just get the mbox2 pro.

bass you can just DI into the mixer/interface, same with keyboards. So say you want to record: 1 mic on each guitar ( 1 sm57) bass and keyboards DI'd (2 di boxes or one sm57/kick drum mic for the bass) vocalist one at a time, you can go for the mxl 900 stuff that is reviewed in the gear thread, the mxl v67 isn't bad but maybe not quite for what you want, or the audio technica at4040 (the reason i suggest these mics is because i actually have used them), if there is screaming you MAY want to use an sm57, up to you and the sound you want.

drums, say for good results assuming your drummer has 4 toms, sm57 for snare, audix d6 or akg d112 for kick, sennheiser e609 3 pack for toms, then another e609 or another sm57 for the floor tom (md421 mk ii i think it is if you can afford it) and then 2 pencil mics for overheads, rode nt5's shure ksm137's. Unless you have a bigger budget where you can afford LDC's

anyways, thats for pretty damn decent results all the gear listed, it all comes down to busted.

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16 tracks + pro tools is going to get expensive

when it comes to pro tools, m-powered is cheaper than le and is basicly the same thing.

instead of going for a 003 rack you could go for a M-Audio Profire 24/24, which has 8 preamps by itself. if you get two of those you're safe (and you still land below the price of a 003 rack). or use adat since it has 24 I/O.

But you should be able to get good results from 8 channels when recording drums, so one would be enough.

the cheapest way for you to get your stuff recorded would be to go to a studio and get it done there.

a Delta 1010LT PCI interface and a mixer/separate preamps would also do the trick if you're good with having max 10 inputs. way cheaper, the cheapest I could think of actually.

you can often find stuff like that used for bargain prices.
Why do you need a 16 input interface to record one person at a time?
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As stated, ProTools at that amount of inputs will run you quite a bit.....

Do look into other products such as the PreSonus FP10. You can link up to 3 of these units together and they are low in price. They wont work with ProTools but Sonar or Cubase should work out just fine.

You don't need ProTools to get that great studio sound. The sound comes from how you use the equipment and experience.