So I'm starting to learn some sweeps now and i had a question about them, when im going in a down stroke or up stroke, is it good technique to bar notes?
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You have to kind of "roll" your hand on and off the notes. When I sweep, I bar some notes, for instance, when sweeping up a six string minor arpeggio, I bar the last third, fifth and root, but I roll my hand down the fretboard so only one note can ring out at a time.

So if by "bar," you mean press several notes down at once with one finger, than no, that is bad. But if you mean you just use the length of one finger to fret multiple notes at different times, with good timing, well, it works for me.

In other words, no you do not have to fret each note with a finger tip, that is extremely difficult, but you do have to make it so only one note is sustained at a time.
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