My current guitar amp died so i was wondering what AMP i should get
i am looking for an AMP with a built-in Delay paddle
No such thing as a delay paddle.

but there are amps with built-in effects, some of which feature delay.

Line6 Flextone III or Spider Valve (the latter is overpriced though).

It would help to know what kind of music you play and what your price range is. You could always just open up your versatility and just get a delay pedal to go with a better amp. You'd be able to manipulate the delay more than you would on a built-in effect.
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You take a real hit in quality when going for the built in effects. You are so much better off buying a delay pedal with a nice tube amp.

However, I agree with the Spider Valve if you must have the built in effects.
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first off what is your budget, are you gigging, what styles do you play, etc..

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pedals and such in profile
Peavey Vypyr if you play metal or Roland Cube if you don't
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^ +1

and delay Paddle
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