I'll make it as short as possible, and ideas would really help from you all grand suhu guitar master..

I play mostly, Muse, Velvet Revo, metalcore stuff and prolly mixed'em with jazz and reggae.. So i need an overdrive, wah pedal, and a distortion just to boost the amp. (only that's what i thought was necessary at this time)

couple of days ago, i borrowed my friends GT-8, but only for the wah, i don't like the sound of it, the sound isn't just right, unlike amp distortion (i practice with marshall amp & roland JC120)

I was thinking to buy Line6 Ubermetal (distortion), Ibanez TS-9, and a wah pedal, which would costs me like $300 all in all.. And that's a hefta lots of money, compared to Line6 Pod2.0 which costs me like $150,, plus the floor board it'll costs me around $220. and i already have others fx like delays. I pick pod 2.0 coz it has great review point.. and other multieffects like korg, and GT-8 are either too expensive and dull..

1)Can anyone give me suggestion? which one should i get, if i would buy analog pedal,are there any cheaper one with the same sound quality as those i mention above?

2)And if i bought pod2.0, can i mixed it with TS-9 for a better sound quality? so i use it as like an analog pedal?
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The Uber Metal isn't good at all IMO, it's not worth getting. Too fizzy and digital-sounding. You could get the TS-9 and a wah and a delay...that would work well. But what tones are you aiming to getting? Do you use the distortion in your amp?
i usually use the distortion from the amp yes.. but i kinda need another distortion pedal, just in case.. ubermetal is like $100, yes and it's preety expensive, i was thinking to get a good metal tone, with heavy "ummhhh", i'm now a bit extreme to pod2.0 the review is very great, and i can use it and connect it through my P.A. System..
do i need an equalizer (i'm now thinking to buy Behringer Eq, don't need boss just for an equalizer i thought)
Do you like your PA? If you do I would go for the POD. What amp are you currently using?
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