I"ve been practicing intervals and i found a great program that associates intervals with songs (link below) But i came across a few intervals that had songs but was not familiar to me. I was wondering if anyone can suggest songs to :

m6 , m7 and 8

ascending btw.


thank you!
For the octave, I always do Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Some-where being the octave interval).

For the minor seventh, it's kind of obscure, but there's a song by the Chemical Brothers called Block Rockin' Beats that has a bassline that goes 1-m7-1-8... and at first I just went off of that, but now I can recognize the interval.

I trust this is what you're talking about?
For the octave, the riff from Zeppelin's Immigrant Song or that riff from Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name. But I've never really had to think about it for the octave.

For the m7 sometimes I just think of an arpeggiated, dominant 7 chord, idk works for me.

Can't think of any for the m6.
Quote by michal23

m6 - November Rain (solo)

Which part? That could really help me - that site wasn't that helpful, neither was the one linked in the Crusades
Minor 2nd Jaws
Major 2nd James Bond
Minor 3rd 20th Century Boy
Major 3rd Blues Bassline like in all shook up
Perfect 4th Here comes the bride
Tritone Horror Film/Black Sabbath
Perfect 5th star wars
Minor7th 1970s Star Trek
Octave My Shaona Hi Ho Snow White