so i'm looking for something to power my pedals... for now just a MT-2 metal zone, and an Ibanez Weeping Demon. right now i've got my friends NS-2 from boss. i used to need to use it b/c of the feedback, but now w/ my new guitar and MT-2, i no longer need a noise gate. so i'm thinkin of either getting my own NS-2 b/c he wants his back. or the Boss TU-2 tuner. think this is practical to use solely for the daisy chain capability? or is there a stictly power supply product out there. the price 'round 100 USD also is really appealing.

Don't get a noise gate, they kill tone. Just turn of your pedals when you're not playing.
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ya i know it sucks the tone. i don't use 'em. right now the only reason it is there is to act as a power supply. my guitar cables don't even go through it.
power supply for 100 dollars? thats insanity. you could buy individual inverters for about $10 to$15 a piece for those. if you only have one plug to use go to walmart and buy a surge protector for another $10 and plug your $10 inverters to your $10 surge protector and you have power for everything and bonus surge protection. or you could use one power supply and a daisy chain to power everything. just check the output in milliamps on the inverter and add up all the milliamp requirements of the pedals you want to run. if number A is bigger than number B youre good to go off of one $10 dollar inverter and one $5 daisy chain.
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Just get a 1 SPOT Daisy Chain power supply. They're like $35.

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if i get a Boss PSA-120S and a daisy chain extender like from Visual Sound or sumthin to power my 2-3 9V pedals, will the PSA-120 be damaging b/c it is 120 and not 9V?