i have a very cheap clasical guitar i think its a sunlite and well the strings aint so good any more ive had them for about 8 months and i need new ones now. which brand is the best
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bloody hell...
eight months an no string change... ?

go d'addario or martin or whatever...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You did read that it's a classical guitar right? Nylon strings can last a very long time before needing a change, as opposed to steel strings. They don't rust and corrode like steels will. If anything, just change out the 4,5,6 strings as needed, and leave the 1,2,3 alone, since they are all nylon(normally).

And TS, try a set of Savarez. Your guitar ought to come alive with those on it. Medium or high tension.
I use Finncorde strings, mainly because they are finnish strings and I'm from finland, but their also awesome strings.