well ive been told by various people that what i play is very 1 dimensial. i agree. i mostly play metallica and megadeth and a few other song by other bands occasionaly. i dont know what to play next that people would know but is also good guitar. NO STAIRWAY.
Learn the blues scales and improvise, that way you won't limit yourself to whats already been done before.
your looking to expand your horizons pretty much?

learn some jazz or something, maybe autumn leaves?

plus anything else that you like but have never really played all that much
layla by eric clapton is a good one to learn and it's easy (original version)
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Don't let other people tell you what to play or not play.

edit: To the people suggesting jazz and stuff...why would he play jazz if he's not interested in it or hasn't even listened to it? (I'm assuming)

Play guitar for yourself man. Try and listen to a wide variety of music, but play stuff you like. If all you like is metal, then play metal, and don't let people tell you otherwise.

There's a lot of great music out there...and its available for free on the internet.
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i write my own stuff and i suggest people do the same or not if thats not thier thing. Overtime you will get better writing you own music. I just dont have the time to learn someones song when i can make one of my own. Youbtube is great for learning tricks