I would say so.

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I'm not a fan of the B series, but yeah it seems like you got a good deal, especially for the hybrid model.
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I saw one starting at 250 at a pawn shop not 5 hours ago.
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I don't like the Ampeg BA tone at any price. But so long as your ears are happy.
Ah its not a bad tone, ive heard worse, but there too overpriced and very quite, i would get one for a little bedroom amp.
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today i bought an Ampeg BA115T ( http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ampeg-BA115T-1X15--100-Watt-Bass-Combo-Amp-103859658-i1145698.gc )

got it on sale for about 350

Tats the one I'm getting, and about everybody else i know owns that amp... its really good.
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Any amount for an Ampeg is a good deal The BA115 is especially a great combo. Lots of power behind it. (The BA115 has BA11s [Ba-dum-chh])

I actually got my Ampeg 15" cab, used, for about $250. The store workers mustve made a mistake, because they were shocked when I asked if the price on the tag was real. I jumped on that sucka nice and fast.
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