Whenever I try to record something using the mic input it gives LOTS of noise. I've tried doing vocals, and also tried recording keyboards - both give a lot of noise. My friend says it's some problem with my sound card. Suggestions? Btw, when I record the guitar parts directly through a usb (using Digitech RP350), it records just fine. Only gives trouble when recording using the mic input

Trying using the Line In spot. It is probably only mono, but you can copy and paste the track to make it stereo. What program are you using to record?
*Turn off the microphone boost if u r using XP, in audio options.

*And turn down the input.


- Amplify up to the volume u want
-Get the noise profile and remove it.

This works up to a certain level.
I'm using Audacity. I connected the mic directly into the mic input of the CPU. No other connection. It's strange because I used the same connection to record some stuff a few weeks back and it worked fine, but now it's not working.
Well in that case it's either broken or your doing something differently.

Post a sample!
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