whats a good easy song to learn on drums? i already know smells like teen spirit so dont suggest that
rush- yyz

and parabola by tool.
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something by candlemass

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give me novacaine-green day
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the entire Make Believe album by Weezer.
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cum on feel the noize by quiet riot, I cum blood by cannibal corpse

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not alone- all that remains

ahh f*ck it im not a drummer. cool song tho
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Pretty much anything by Nirvana or The Offspring.

What's your definition of 'easy'? Maybe some Sum 41?
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Beast and the Harlot, Avenged Sevenfold

but seriously, the other guy had it right with any AC/DC song. Or something by Buckethead, usually they're pretty easy, unless you pick something like Androids of Notre Dame (a.k.a, tribute to Dimebag Darrel)
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You can learn to play every CCR song ever written all at once.

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