Okay, my friend has an Ibanez S series and while we were jamming he was tuning his high e down and it snapped.

We were both just wondering, um....

Probably just a worn string.

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haha thats why floyd roses are a pain. they break strings even when only given half a chance.
Any change in tension can be enough to snap a string, especially if it's been on the guitar for a while
all i can think of why is this:

you were de-tuning, the string gets looser...possibly a burr of some sort on the action causing the string to not properly loosen in the right spots, so the part from the neck->action would be getting looser, but the part from action->string ends would still be tight. he looked at it just the right way and it rebounded and snapped.

sounds like nonsense, but its phisiks
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yeah, it kinda just happens. It's a real bummer though, it almost feels worse than when the high e breaks as you're stringing it up, it's like " I just bought this whole new pack of strings because the high e broke on the last set. " but you sometimes have to expect it to happen, tuning down though, you just don't see it coming.
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i once broke a b string playing an open low E note, **** happens just gotta live with it.
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Was your friend's S user the lo trs or the ZR? If so, detuning your E string causes his springs to pull harder. Thus, making the high e string, at some point, got pulled.

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i once broke a b string playing an open low E note, **** happens just gotta live with it.

Exact same thing happened to me once. I was like But that was back then when I used strings from Target.
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I remember breaking an A string while I was playing I Don't Know. It huwted my thumb
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sharp bridge of nut... you just need to lubricate them (with carbon from a pencil for example)
my wierdest was a string breaking while it was sitting on the guitar stand lol
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I have only broken one string in all my guitar playing career (a year and a half) I had only been playing for about a week and I used the cheap tuner that came with my target guitar (my mom bought it she told me I would be able to pick one out but bought one without telling me) and It kept telling my my high E was flat so I kept tightening it and it obviously broke. Needless to say I never used that tuner again and promptly bought a new one.
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