well I was just wondering what might be some good solos for beginners.
I've been playing for two years, but I've never really progressed out of the power-chord stage so I've been looking to get into to some harder songs with solos and such.

What would be some good songs to start on?
A lot of classic rock songs have pretty simple pentatonic based solos. I'd advise you to learn the patterns (not just the box patterns, but all the patterns throughout the fretboard) and you can pretty much tackle most of the blues based classic rock songs.

Some fairly simple solos that I can think of in that mold are

AC/DC - Shook Me All Night Long
Black Sabbath - Paranoid, War Pigs
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love

Those would all be good starts, just about any AC/DC song actually fits the mold, similar with Led Zeppelin, though they have a few solos that get a little more technically demanding, but how well you can play them all depends on how comfortable you are with the patterns they are based on.
the intro solo of one, fade to black , and sanitarium , by metallica

the sweep part in fade to black is a good way to introduce yourselfinto sweep-picking
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I agree with al112987, AC/DC and Zeppelin base their solos around minor pentatonic and blues scales, so it's easiest to start with songs by them. Most of AC/DC songs, you just have to know the power chords and then learn the solo and you can play the whole thing.

Also, if you're a person who can pick up things pretty well by ear, alot of Nirvana's solos sounds exactly the same as their verse or chorus. Once you figure out the first few notes of the solo, just go along with it so it's sounds right.

But, yeah, it is a good idea to learn scales and their patterns. Here, copy and paste this link in your browser to learn some more: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/soloing/soloing_with_the_minor_pentatonic_scale.html?567364409#comments
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Highway to Hell - AC/DC , great one to start with.
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Heart breaker by Pat Benetar
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Highway to Hell - AC/DC , great one to start with.

Yeah, this is the solo I'm still working on with guitar pro, i've been at it for a few days trying to get it in time.

my first real solo anyways
I am one of the most terrible people with solos but the smells like teen spirit solo is really easy. I still find almost everything by metallica hard (at least the solos).
The solo in Smells Like Teen Spirit is pretty easy.
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Scar Tissue by RHCP

Speaking of The RHCP, Californication is easy too.