i was in another thread in the pit, and it inspired me to listen to some what would be weird artists for me to listen to. for example, my musical taste (for the most part) starts at bad religion, ends w/ parkway drive, and consists of w/e's in between. but there is one band in particular i LOVE that sounds NOTHING like any of my favorite genres. theyre called the felice brothers. check them out
so pit, what are some artists you like that dont exactly fit w/ your main favorite genre(s)?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

South Carolina Gamecocks

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Jonas Brothers.

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They somewhat remind me of parts of Foxy Shazam lol.

I'm not really sure, I start listening to a new genre and I end up getting into more bands like that. I never really stay at only one specific band of a genre.
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Yeah Mad TV. I abbreviated it and forgot that MTV existed, which was kinda pleasant to be honest.v

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Not all the time, but they're cool

I love that video. Popeye vocals ftw.
Ensiferum. I normally dislike all metal, but this band is so badass with their songs about epic quests and whatnot.
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