Well, I love my American strat, but its about time I pick up a humbucker-equipped guitar.
I'm looking for something in the style of Randy Rhoad's or Alexi Laiho's guitar (I just like the look of them a lot). I'm not too worried about the pickups that come/came stock, I can always replace them.

But I want something with decent construction, decent parts, and something I can probably find used, I definitely don't need to spend more than $500 on something brand new. As long as it has a decent Floyd Rose that I can abuse and can take a beating, I'm interested.

Anything I should look for in particular?
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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
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alexi 200 is pretty decent, if u dont mind the one pickup, jackson rr10dx or w.e has two pickups and ita alright also...
laiho's sig model is like 469.99 on Musiciansfriend i think. i would say a VMNT but they dont have a floyd, ask the guy building his own VMNT build (in one of the instrument forums guitar, or G G & A or the other guitar one) if hell make you one. he just might but im unsure if he would make one to sell...
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The LTD200's interested me because of the price, but I heard the bridge was extremely shotty and craps out after a while. It is after all, a licensed floyd rose instead of an original. Can anyone personally comment on this if they own one?
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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
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Completely owns the Alexi-200 in quality, and I'm a huge Alexi fanboy.
The RR3 is probly the cheapest of the really good Rhodes style guitars. It's part of the pro series so it has construction quality that puts gibsons to shame. The floyd is licenced but it's one of the best licenced floyds out there.

It also plays great and sounds great because of it's adler body and seymourd duncan pickups

Now i'm not farmilliar with american prices but i'm guessing an RR3 will be abit more than $500. But it's well worth the money. Or if you buy used try and get one with the black hardwere not chrome, they are the later ones with seymour duncan pickups, the earlier ones had duncan desighned pups
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I heard the Jackson Rhoads models were good. And the Alexi models.

Get an RR3 off Ebay. 300 bucks most of the time.

300? are you kidding, you must have some different currency
im in canda so an RR3 will be about like $650-750 new
about 450-600 if your lucky used on ebay
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and this ones a little bit more expensive.

all are nice quality, good LFRs, and decent hardware. but your not realy gona find any used.
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