I was reading over some info on the Black Ice distortion circuit. Loads of people were saying it was great for a bass, but that there was one main problem: The average Jazz Bass has a little under 9k ohms output from the pickups, and the Black Ice circuit needs more than 10k ohms to be used effectively. I was just wondering, is there some way that I can boost the ohms coming from my pickups so that I can jam one of these little circuits up into my Squier? If so, how and how much will this run me? I'm trying to do some cheap, simple mods to make my little baby stand out from the crowd. I'm not scared of work, it's the cash area I'm lacking in.

And since I'm truly NOT capable of doing anything the normal/simple way, I'm gonna need some wiring help. I don't want to sacrafice one of the tone knobs on my bass for this circuit. So, here's basically what I want to do...

I would like to rout a cavity out from under the pickguard of my bass to house all of the new circuitry. I would like to install a small toggle switch and LED light into my pickguard. I would like to wire my bass so that when I flip the toggle switch, the tiny little LED comes on, and one of my tone knobs becomes my distortion control.

Also, as far as I can tell from messing around with my knobs, all three of them are tone control... I don’t like that… Is there ANY way I could wire in a master volume control while I'm doing all this? I’m ok with the toggle switch turning the master volume into the distortion control too, if that would be easier, but I would prefer converting one of the tone knobs.

Honestly, I don't even know if all of this mess is possible, and if there's a decent chance it's gonna screw my bass up, I don't want to try it. My little Squier is all I have for a bass, and I don't wanna end up without an instrument to practice on, but I want to do something that makes my bass special, without spending a lot of money. Right now, this whole built in distortion deal is all I have in the works (except for a three-star inlay at the 12th fret), so suggestions for other simple mods are appreciated. Also, instructions should be dumbed WAY down, as I'm staring at some wiring diagrams right now, and they honestly scare me to no conceivable end. I would also appreciate if you told me about how much each part I will need to pull this project off with cost. I need to know a figure so that I can set a goal.

Me and my soldering iron will be awaiting your response…

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have some scrap electronics from an old guitar. Is there any way I can use one of the old knobs from it to make a master volume for my bass?
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