hey every1 i need a bit of help with an effects pedal. i was given an effects pedal today and when i looked at it i noticed it only had 1 input/output jack. when i asked the bloke that gave it to me he suggested that u mite have to run it as a chain through a pedal board. i was wondering if this is the cause and would it be possible to run it by itself. my amp has seperate input output jacks for effects circiut and i tried nto see if i could run it by itself but no such luck here is a rough picture to give u an idea of what i am tqalking about.

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the middle circle is the button and the bracket is the jack. thats all there is on the pedal no power input or anything else

I really don't know what to say to this.

And thread'd two times?

Just out of curiousity, what pedal is it? A DS-1? Fab Metal?
Sounds like a switch pedal for whatever was originally in the amp it came with. Common enough with reverb, o/d etc.
pics would be helpful
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