hey every1 i need a bit of help with an effects pedal. i was given an effects pedal today and when i looked at it i noticed it only had 1 input/output jack. when i asked the bloke that gave it to me he suggested that u mite have to run it as a chain through a pedal board. i was wondering if this is the cause and would it be possible to run it by itself. my amp has seperate input output jacks for effects circiut and i tried nto see if i could run it by itself but no such luck here is a rough picture to give u an idea of what i am tqalking about.

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the middle circle is the button and the bracket is the jack. thats all there is on the pedal no power input or anything else
Are you asking how to hook it up to the amp by itself?

Guitar cable from guitar into input of pedal, and another cable from output to amp.

And what pedal is it?