Recently I got a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25, which I seriously didn't deserve at all. I picked it for the size, tone, versatility, and because the fact it can be a gig amp & a bedroom amp at the same time.

So now I'm just wanting to cover some band songs, mostly Muse. So in the future I'll be needing a pedal board. So the question here is..

Should I be saving up to get high-end pedals? (I've heard if you get a high-end amp, you shouldn't be getting low-end pedals) For example, since I'm going into Muse, I'll probably be getting a fuzz-effect pedal in which two brands are at tops right now: Fuzz Factory, or the Big Muff. Fuzz Factory is much more expensive, but has a higher quality obviously. And also if you decide to say going for the Big Muff is ok, then is getting all cheap pedals ok too? How bout a cheap, multi-effect processor that could do-it-all?
If it sounds good, is made of metal and not plastic, and doesn't have crap battery life, I buy it. Simple as that. Judging on price is almost like brand snobbery on the guitar itself.

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Don't get a cheap multi fx processor to go with a Mesa. That would be terrible. I would recommend keeping the cheap fx to a minimum, especially if they're not true bypass. I would recommend at least one good buffered bypass pedal on your board though if you have several pedals.

EDIT: That's only if the cheap ones look like they're gonna fall apart or something similar to that. Or if they don't give you the tone you want, just save up and get nicer stuff that you like. Like said, go for metal, not plastic, especially if you're gonna be stomping on it.
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theres a difference between cheap and inexpensive. the big muff doesnt cost much, but its still a pretty good pedal. not exactly what you want for a muse-ish fuzz, but its still a good fuzz. the digitech bad monkey is another pedal thats not bad for the price, but still not superb. when i think of cheap, my thoughts are some of the danelectro pedals or the berhinger pedals. or maybe some of those multi-effects pedals that are $100 and under. though, theres nothing wrong with starting with a cheap mfx to see what kind of effects you actually like. as time goes on though, you will want those effects that are higher quality and will really make your amp sound good.